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Natural vs Organic: Which Is Better for Your Skin?

Many beauty enthusiasts are now making a conscious effort to lead a sustainable and healthy lifestyle and take better care of the environment, which prompted the rise in popularity for organic and natural skincare products. However, picking the right product for your skin can be confusing, most especially since the terms “organic” and “natural” are often used interchangeably.

Some products may mislead consumers because of their labels, and users can also assume that natural and organic products are the same. As one of the best skincare brands in the country, we will help you understand the disparities between the two and determine which beauty products are better for your skin.

What Is Natural Skincare?

Skincare products are considered natural if they are made of ingredients sourced from nature. However, contrary to popular belief, these items are not completely clean all the time. In fact, using some of these can be unsafe for your health and the environment since there can be harmful ingredients found in nature and other additional synthetic substances. That is because these products are poorly regulated, which can cause manufacturers and companies to use the term “natural” loosely.

To ensure the safety of your beauty products, make sure to read the labels carefully and check the ingredients used in each item.

What Is Organic Skincare?

Organic skincare products are created using plant-based ingredients and produce that are toxin-free. This means these substances are safer and healthier to use since they are grown without any chemicals that can harm your skin or the environment, such as fertilizers and pesticides.

It’s important to manage your expectations when shopping for organic skincare products. Keep in mind that beauty products that claim they are “organic” can contain only up to 70–95 per cent organic ingredients.

How Can You Ensure That Your Natural or Organic Beauty Products Are Genuine?

Genuine organic or natural items come with logos of independent certifying bodies on their packaging. These serve as a guarantee that they are organically certified and that you are purchasing genuine items that are free of synthetic chemicals.

When buying natural or organic products, make sure to look for any logos of the following:

Australian-Certified Organic (ACO)

ACO is the country’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic products. Purchasing products with the ACO logo means you are buying skincare items with more than 95 per cent certified organic ingredients.

Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA)

Skincare products that have the BFA logo are compliant with the requirements of ACO. This means these items have more than 95 per cent of certified organic substances. Also, these contain naturally produced plant or mineral products that passed the strict processing criteria.


Sticking to a regular skincare routine is one of the best ways to achieve a soft, younger-looking skin that you have always wanted, and choosing the right beauty products that work best for your skin is important. With the guide above, you can hopefully make an informed decision when shopping and find the natural or organic skincare products that are right for you.

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