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Why Switch to Organic Products: 5 Skin Benefits

If you read articles on how to get glowing skin, you often read tips about the importance of hydration and proper diet. Having a healthy lifestyle plus using the right skincare products help give you youthful and glowing skin.

Unfortunately, not all skincare products are safe to use. Most mainstream products in the market today contain harmful chemicals, such as parabens, fragrances, propylene glycol, and more, to make them look and smell nice.

What you put on your body reflects on your skin, and what you put on your skin gets inside the body. Skin is the body’s largest organ, and it absorbs everything that goes on it. Therefore, you should be careful about the elements you allow to enter your body. Fortunately, you now have options for healthier and safer skincare products.

Nowadays, more organic and natural products are starting to find their way to the beauty market. Here’s why your skin deserves an organic product:

1. Organic products are safe to use

If you check the label of an organic product, you’ll see that its ingredients are all plant-derived. These products use substances from plants grown without pesticides, additives, or chemicals. Using organic products on your skin ensures that you are not putting any harmful elements inside your body. On the other hand, popular cosmetic ingredients, such as petroleum, mineral oil, parabens, and more can harm your health if used for a long time.

2. They are perfect for sensitive skin

Because organic products don’t contain harsh chemicals, they are less likely to trigger allergic reactions, skin irritations, or inflammations. If it triggers allergy, it can come from a more identifiable natural ingredient, such as strawberries or peanuts. If you have sensitive skin, using organic products are safer and more convenient for you.

3. They give better results

An organic product contains up to 95 per cent active ingredients compared to five to ten per cent of synthetic products. Because the ingredients are more concentrated in an organic product, they have a higher level of antioxidants that give your skin a better glow.

4. They work slowly but surely

If you compare a synthetic product with an organic one, you’ll notice that the former produce faster results. That is because they have fast-acting yet invasive components that cause visible results along with invisible damage to the skin. On the other hand, using organic products might take time, but they are surely working their way inside and out.

Prolonging the use of skincare products that have harmful ingredients can eventually weaken your skin. Damage can result in reduced oxygen for the skin, which can later turn into sunspots or premature aging.

5. They are cruelty-free

Because organic products use natural and safe ingredients, there’s no need to test them on any animals. Supporting an organic beauty line is one way of also promoting cruelty-free businesses.


Before buying a product for your skin, check the label and ask yourself how many of the ingredients listed you don’t know. If most of these ingredients sound foreign to you, consider reevaluating your decision. Synthetic and man-made chemicals can cause skin irritation, organ toxicity, hormonal imbalance, and cancer if continuously absorbed by your body. For better skin and overall health results, use organic and natural products.

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